Jan photographed my daughter’s wedding. She chose a location outdoors that had very pretty background scenery: woods, pond, weeping willows. It was close by and I would never have thought of it. She organized all the appropriate group shots and they turned out great. Later she came to the hall where the ceremony and reception were held. She did a fine job of capturing both the touching wedding moments and the sense of celebration we all had. She even managed what I thought would be impossible; a group shot of our whole huge extended family, no easy task.

Jeanne S.

Brittany said…
Jan was great! She provided plenty of photos of my bridal pary and special moments. She also kept her commitment of coming on time when others didn’t and remained professional the whole time. She is easy to get along with and have a nice heart, I appreciate her help and her stepping into a big role of my wedding event.

Wedding: 07/11/2015


Jan is an incredible photographer. We did an on location shoot at the Chicago Botanical Gardens that captured my spirit and made my social media sites sparkle. I highly recommend Jan.

Lisa M.

Jan Beladi came to my residence and did a very professional portrait photo session with me for my website. She had me pose indoors as well as out and was able to make it fun and exciting in the process. She was very relaxed and that helped me to relax as well. The photos came out great and she had them in my hands within a week’s time . I would highly recommend her services for anyone needing a photo session for personal or professional purposes.

A Happy Customer, David Johnson, LCSW 9/1/15


“Jan did an excellent job with my portrait session! She chose a beautiful outdoor venue and took amazing and candid photos capturing my true essence. She made it fun and spontaneous. She uses top equipment and is very knowledgeable about lighting. Now the hard part is choosing the photos I want to use, they are all so good!”

Diane T.


We chose Jan from a list of other responses received from a Craigslist ad, because her website photos were very creative and natural looking. She arrived promptly, was fun and engaging. Taking pictures was easy and fun and we were very satisfied with the quality of the pictures.

Jim and Linda H.

Wedding 7/11/14


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phone: (847)208-7748